Saturday, June 27, 2009

80s are out, early 90s are in.

I've actually been wanting to make this list for a little over a year.
Anyone who knows me and my music probably knows I have a thing for shitty house pop from the early 90s. I decided to finally compile some sort of list. It will probably be added to or altered, but I've finally gotten to a stage I'm pleased with.
These are all the songs that I listened to on the radio as a little kid. It was shitty radio, and I probably never knew the names or artists, but they never fail to pump me up now.

Here we go: ( I tried to make each link a youtube video, we'll see if they all end up working.)

Corona - Rhythm of the Night
Corona - Baby Baby
Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love
20 Fingers - Short Dick Man
Technotronic - Get Up
Technotronic - Move it to the Rhythm
Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam
Powerhouse - Rhythm of the Night (different, name anomaly/coincidence)
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
Captain Hollywood Planet - More and More
Le Click - Tonight is the Night
Le Click - Call Me
Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Acoustic Back in My Life

I'll admit to having been swallowed up into the electronic music of the moment.
Love the beats, love to dance to it.
But I forgot about that human something that cannot be found in electronic music.
That soul. That emotion. The longing, even.
Sometimes I don't want to be so moved my music emotionally - there are times when i really can't listen to elliott smith without wanting to curl up.
But recently I think I realized that it is okay to curl up once in a while.
It can't all be dub beats and pop synths and breaks.
So - i'm going to that genre of music that is defined by the singer-songwriter (gasp.)
Here are two tracks that I can't seem to get out of my head.

Bon Iver- Skinny Love.
I had a moment in december when I drove home from east atlanta with this song on repeat. I had kindof forgotten about it, but rediscovered it recently, and now it's on heavy rotation.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Kiss Me Again
This song is so soulful, and makes me miss having my guitar in berlin. We forgive it for being featured on the gossip girls soundtrack.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm Just A Tiger, Looking for a Tigress

Hold up, let me catch my breath.
This is the most poppy electro dubstep influenced remix song i've heard in a while-

Boy Crisis - Dress to Digress (Nero Remix)

Also of note, in this category, is:

Santogold - Starstruck

please, can more songs sound like these?

also, this one not exactly the same theme, but almost. really long intro, wait for the beat to drop, it takes a while:

La Roux - In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hipster Drug of Choice: Whatever They're Doing in Berlin

this site cracks me up:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Question of the Day

Why is it not weird to keep dead butterflys or other bugs, when it is weird to keep any other dead thing that was once living?

There's this dead lady bug on my windowsill, and i like sort of want to keep it there... plus it seems like wrong to just throw it away, and not like bury it. but no one buries lady bugs. that's weird. but also i feel weird because it's like, who would just keep a dead lady bug?

See, it seems like this should not be a dilemma, but for some reason it totally is.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Push Me, and Then Just Touch Me

I was looking to get pumped up this sunday night. I failed to go out last night, so when the opportunity to celebrate my saturday on sunday presented itself, i was stoked, but i was still in the sunday malaise.
because no stores in germany are open on sunday, one must really take the day to relax, walk around, and stay indoors, and be generally lazy.
SO, i decided to drink a deer, chug some coffee, and find a song that would really get me going. this is what i do when I don't have red bull at easy access.
anwyay, to cut the long story short, you MUST go listen to:

who made who - satisfaction (benny benassi remix)

as much as i loved the droning of the real one, this cover infusses the song with that hard rocking guitar that proves the lick isn't best when it's a synth. also love the crazy girl vocals. how weird. i love it.

and ready to go out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

All the Girls Waiting in the Line for the Bathroom

melody, trance, voices, haunting, ambient, female, beat, bass, dreams, sound effects, rock, sap, pop... turn it up!

Crystal Castles - Untrust Us
Crystal Castles - Vanished
Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (Fuck Buttons remix)
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Lissvik)
Fever Ray - Now's the Only Time I Know
Royksopp (ft. KarinDreijer/Fever Ray) - This Must Be It
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat remix) !
Honey is Cool - Something about the Mountains (more indie than electro, i know)
Lily Allen - Not Fair (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix) poppy, i know, but listen to the words.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sealings
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dragon Queen
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric
Metric - Help, I'm Alive (Immuzikation B-ting like a Hammer remix)
Metric - Gold Guns Girls

That's enough estrogen for right now. hope you enjoyed the bitchfest!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More More More

ok, after spending too much time looking for music on the internet, i've found a couple other songs i'd like to mention right now:

Burning Codes - Cloak & Dagger, [on the self-titled album, i believe]

Tenaka - Someday [EPonymoustly Titled]

Tenaka - Ain't Nobody [EPonymousy Titled]

Kill Krinkle Club - Lake [From the Bloody Murder of Krinkle]

Kill Krinkle Club - White Trees [From the Bloody Murder of Krinkle]

everything mentioned above is pretty much chill electronic-influenced music. enjoy.
NOT gonna pump you up, but might help you go peacefully to sleep...
the bands are mostly foreign, I believe Burning Codes is from Great Britain, Tenaka is from Ireland, and KKC is a Swedish/Irish duo.

This nordic influence happened on accident. Hopefully next time I can post about German music.

Yeah, You.

You, You're Awesome.

This Cincinnati duo has it going on, and i think they probably decided on the name after people kept trying to get their attention and then compliment them after a great set.

Anyway, their name is on:

Radiohead - Reckoner (You, You're Awesome Remix)

Two Muffins - You, You're Awesome.

Both tracks were great. Radiohead is always great, but remixes are not, so it was a win. The 'original' track, which is on a self released debut called "You're a Fun Drunk", is just, one of the best things that's made me smile out loud in a while.

It's rare a song deserves it's own post. but here it is!

Friday, February 20, 2009


This is not a post about MGMT.

This is actually a post about kids. When my next door neighbor found out I was going to be in town another two weeks, she called me, in a flurry, and said "Brandon (her husband) and I are going to Honduras for 10 days... Brandon's mom (Betty) will watch the kids for most of the week, but can you do the weekend?"
And, of course, I said, "sure" because the kids are cute, and since I already put in my two weeks notice at the mall, I had nothing better to do, and a lack of income.

There are 3 kids. Two boys, in like 5th and 3rd grades, and a little girl in Kindergarten.

Things I learned, rather, questions I asked myself later:

Did I beep over bad words in songs when I was a kid? And I do mean, ME making the beeping noise. (one of the kids did this.)

Why do we feel it necessary to cover our eyes or make beep or humming noises when we don't want to see something? Are we all living in states of denial or disinterest? Where did we learn to do this? Is it from parents?

Also, what does wanting an apple cut up for you indicate? That you never want to even be aware of the core? the bad, inedible part? That it won't even be part of your existence? Isn't there something wrong with that? With not wanting to take a bite out of something yourself first?
OR is it just pure laziness?

Also, why can't everyone still find SO much pleasure in bubble wrap?

Looking at kids and their actions is very interesting. It's like, where did they learn to do this stuff? What stuff, that maybe is natural, have they yet to unlearn?

And, most of all, why can't we stay more like kids?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's Just Not That Into You

I saw the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" tonight, and it got me thinking about relationships.

What do I look for in a guy?

Was the question I thought of, and I decided that the answer was that I like a guy who is into me. I don't have any physical characteristics I HAVE to have, although strong eyebrows are nice. I don't really care if he is super smart or super dumb, exactly, although if we are not mentally compatible it's usually not an issue because he wouldn't be into be if we weren't, probably. I don't like ALL guys that are into me, that's for sure, but it IS the determining qualification for whether or not I'd like to spend time with that person again.

The girls in the movie were pretty much all selfish or clueless. This was a problem for me. There were so many times when I was just like "oh, girl!! stop!!!!" or just "come on!! just f-ing do it!" or whatever, and it made me realize that all these girls are awful role models. They all end up happy in the end despite being assholes the whole movie. Maybe that's what the world wants, because it makes them entitled and allowed to be clueless and selfish and asshole-like, but really? Is this okay?

I can understand if you get frustrated because it's hard to meet people, but I really have absolutely no sympathy. Figure out the new technology (myspace, texting, etc), or just go out to a hot bar and mingle. Or get friends to hook you up. The ways to meet people are endless.
And if that doesn't work, if you don't meet ANYONE who is into you, then maybe you just have to look at yourself and realize maybe it's time for a change.
It's probably not even that HE's not into you, it's probably also that YOU are not into you.
Because if YOU are not into yourself, NO ONE else will be either.
(the other extreme also hold true, though, if you are TOO into yourself, no one else has room even to be into you.)

I really hope sometime in the future there can be a movie called "She's just not that into you" because that is really the piece of advice that I need the friends of people who think they are prospectives to give to their friends.

Obviously, since I was raised in the South, as a southern lady, even, I do not call boys, ever, after a first meeting or date. I may text or facebook, but probably not. It is definitely your call. BUT, if I do not answer, or find a time to see you, or make a future date, really, it is clear, that you need not call again, even if I gave you my number or friended you on a site. really.

OK, well, this was my relationship advice for the evening. Not as cute as carrie bradshaw, but it probably would be if I had her shoe collection. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Current Selections include Limp Bizkit. wow!

Music I'm listening to at the moment, or have been impressed by recently:

Minotaur Shock - Am Dram
-really, the whole new MS album is amazing, i actually bought it from itunes i felt so good about it. released first in dec in the UK, it is called amateur dramatics. also, the website is fabulous, he has a page breaking down each song into a scale from which he determines monetary value, and it's how he priced his record. it is

Limp Bizkit - Nookie (Disco Villains remix)
- a pre-pubescent classic is reborn

Britney Spears - Circus (Snowcone remix)
Snowcone - Dusty Dream Dub
- chinese disco-pop-electro, what's not to enjoy?

Brightblack Morning Light - Hologram Buffalo
Brightblack Morning Light - Oppressions Each
-a very very chill band. i'm seeing them live soon, update to follow.

La Roux- Quicksand
-co-ed duo fronted by a female redhead leads to questionably correct french name, but they produce very very catchy song nonetheless

This blog does not contain the usual question, so I will pose it shortly. Upon watching the grammys, which actually happened on accident, i found myself asking the question:

"Where has all the new good music gone?!"

My answer is this - Into Computers, and/or onto the Internet.
Because it is not really on TV, nor the radio.
There are some exceptions. (in atlanta, the gsu and gatech stations are both okay.) But for the most part, when i hear good music, it is on my comp. maybe mtv2 is okay, but i've never had cable so i really just don't know. but they were the first place i saw/heard modest mouse when i happened to be babysitting/watching tv.

Maybe it's because i love computers AND music, so it makes sense that the two should meet.
But I also love heels and drinks, and the two DEF do not go together, no matter how hard I try.

Anyway, i was so dissapointed by the grammys. My conclusion was that any band that had been formed for at least 5 years (mccartney, radiohead, etc) were good, but anything that was recent was really lacking. (cyrus, jonas bros).

There is an exception, which is Katy Perry, who is big enough that she could get away with descending in a large sparkly banana, whose icon was in combination with cherries on all the screens behind her. Hilaroius. She also didn't have a dance routine, which is almost unheard of for a pop singer these days. Although her voice sucked on that performance, she provided the entertainment that i craved. And I do know that on her albums she can give me what I want vocally. So that's alright. Also her song is just about scandalous enough for me to want it to be broadcasted in every TV in america, or however that goes.

Enough for now, time for bed! Going to go listen to some music i've never heard of on the radio and fall pleasantly asleep.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My "Top 5" of 2008 - Electronic

Why do I find myself so into electronic music?

What is it about the trance that draws one in? Although I used to be drawn to music that spoke to me lyrically, i've realized that music doesn't have to have good lyrics for me to enjoy it. The lyrics can really suck, or, actually it doesn't even have to have them. lonely syllables are completely fine. I'm going to compile a list of songs that get me pumped no matter what. And i can't really figure out why. but these songs were epic in 2008, and necessary.

Matt & Kim - Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus remix)
Villains - Thrilla
Hail Social - Heaven (Designer Drugs remix)
Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut mix)
Britney Spears - Womanizer (The Teenagers remix)

These were songs that you heard at least once if you hung out with me in 2008.
I would make them links... but I don't want to deal with any legal repercussions, SO, either find them on hype machine,, or even youtube, if you get desperate! Or just ask me.

notable mentions:
-moster hospital (MSTRKRFT remix) - metric
-the end of you too - metronomy
-you visits are getting shorter - bloc party
-blind - hercules and love affair
-talk like that - the presets
-ready for the floor - hot chip (ALSO the duffy cover)
-hips lips and microchips - crash overdrive

Monday, January 26, 2009

Religion and Cars

Has the weekly communion been replaced by the daily commute?

Organized religion in my community (and possibly other places in america) seems to be somewhat absent. So how are people filling the needs that once were filled by religion? Also, why aren't more people upset or angry by their daily commutes, enough to change them? The answer may be that people have begun to use their daily commutes as the time to think, meditate, and be in their own heads. Time that some people may have called prayer in the past. Being alone in a car is actually a pretty peaceful thing. The driver is in charge of everything in a 1m radius. The air conditioning, the radio, the speed he is going, etc. No wonder no one wants to carpool. Not only would he lose the peace and quiet, he would also lose the aspect of control for that 45 mins (or whatever it happens to be). No one needs to go sit in a pew to pray, or to hear music - they can sit in their cars, zone out, choose some tunes, and be one - not with god, but with themselves.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Planet Earth

I was raised in a one-TV household, without cable. My parents did not really buy videos, and the our collection consisted of "beauty and the beast," "the empire strikes back," "a muppet christmas carol" (obviously watched year round), "mary poppins", "the chronicles of narnia" (BBC version), and "fievel goes west." SO, when I got home from college and found that my dad had not only purchased a new high-def TV, but ALSO the whole planet earth series, I was not only dumbfounded, I found myself suddenly addicted.

I was enraptured, as most are, by the artistry of the "documentaries," and watched an episode a night (or more) until I had completed the series. Now, admittedly, I was late in the game, and most of my friends had already seen them, but they were still willing to encourage my enthusiasm.

So, recently, when I found myself in a frat house, (one I didn't belong to), surrounded by a cloud of smoke and stoned boys, I was relieved when what they decided to watch was planet earth (as opposed to watching any will ferrell comedy, a ufc boxing championship, or worst of all, deciding to play halo 3).

However, I realized something while I was watching planet earth this time. I realized that I thought that I really didn't like how it depicted nature and the great outdoors. I thought, "Planet Earth, not unlike fashion magazines, gives an unrealistic view of what is actually present in the real world." I know it doesn't really claim to present how the earth really is, but we've got a nation who undeniably believes a lot of what they see in the media, especially when they see it on channels like the discovery channel.

I know that "art" is supposed to show people what they don't always notice. A photograph can capture a moment, and a painting can capture an emotion, and likewise, a film can capture something in such a way that we(the viewers) see it differently. And that is ok. Art IS supposed to be able to show humans something that is not ordinarily visible to the human eye. However, I don't think people really think of Planet Earth as being art. But perhaps that's okay.

Planet enthusiasts love the show, because it is entertainment that is also propoganda - it gives people motivation to save the world, to love the world, etc etc. The famous dying polar bear scene has shocked a lot of new people into becoming aware of global warming (or perhaps even believeing it exists). However, I found myself thinking that most people may be dissapointed when they step outside and see the world that they have saved, and it looks nothing like the world in planet earth.

The cameras and filters used in this show not only make the colors different, using heat filters, spotlights or night cameras at night, but they also, in the editing process, speed up or slow down movements in nature. The tide coming in, the sun on the sahara, the fog on the desert mountain, these are all images that we cannot actually see with our human eyes. If we go out into the planet earth, we will not be able to see these things. Also the zoom feature has allowed the show to show images that real live humans could never see - from the macroscopic to the microscopic.

SO, Is this show creating an unrealistic view, that will lead to dissapointment when confronted with the real world?

After a while, I actually came to the conclusion of, "probably not". I don't think anyone can quite capture, even in video, what the "awe of nature" feeling really is. Maybe the great outdoors will not be quite as visually stimulating as Planet Earth makes it out to be, BUT, I am positive that no one will leave dissapointed. Because you may not see the same fantastic images, but the feeling of awe and wonder of the real world will far surpass what you could ever see on a television.

SO, the fact that the images of Planet Earth may lure people into traveling, camping, expiditioning, etc, is actually okay, even if it seems like it is using a false pretense, because the real thing is actually just that good. (for the record, this is where the other kind of human cheese comes into my blog). SO, i'm done hating on planet earth. I worked through the hating, so to speak, to realize that I probably really don't have anything to worry about. hurrah! Go Planet!

*Another note: Another reason people, myself included, are apt to hate on planet earth is because people sit at home watching television instead of experiencing the "real" thing. but this is a different blog for a different night. we'll question that kind of "reality" later.

Introduction - First Musing

Have you ever wondered what human cheese would taste like?

This blog will be a chronicle of everyday, at least semi-regular, or even very uncommon musings, wonderings, or ponderments.

Blogs are weird things. I have always considered them rather masturbatory. It's like, "Oh, look at me, I think my thoughts are important enough to put on the internet. Read them!"
I've never felt pretentious enough to start one. (Also, a big factor was that I couldn't ever think of a good name.)
That said, I decided that I write better when I have an expected audience, and also that the internet will last longer than scribbles in journals that I constantly lose and misplace. So, here we go.