Friday, February 20, 2009


This is not a post about MGMT.

This is actually a post about kids. When my next door neighbor found out I was going to be in town another two weeks, she called me, in a flurry, and said "Brandon (her husband) and I are going to Honduras for 10 days... Brandon's mom (Betty) will watch the kids for most of the week, but can you do the weekend?"
And, of course, I said, "sure" because the kids are cute, and since I already put in my two weeks notice at the mall, I had nothing better to do, and a lack of income.

There are 3 kids. Two boys, in like 5th and 3rd grades, and a little girl in Kindergarten.

Things I learned, rather, questions I asked myself later:

Did I beep over bad words in songs when I was a kid? And I do mean, ME making the beeping noise. (one of the kids did this.)

Why do we feel it necessary to cover our eyes or make beep or humming noises when we don't want to see something? Are we all living in states of denial or disinterest? Where did we learn to do this? Is it from parents?

Also, what does wanting an apple cut up for you indicate? That you never want to even be aware of the core? the bad, inedible part? That it won't even be part of your existence? Isn't there something wrong with that? With not wanting to take a bite out of something yourself first?
OR is it just pure laziness?

Also, why can't everyone still find SO much pleasure in bubble wrap?

Looking at kids and their actions is very interesting. It's like, where did they learn to do this stuff? What stuff, that maybe is natural, have they yet to unlearn?

And, most of all, why can't we stay more like kids?

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