Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's Just Not That Into You

I saw the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" tonight, and it got me thinking about relationships.

What do I look for in a guy?

Was the question I thought of, and I decided that the answer was that I like a guy who is into me. I don't have any physical characteristics I HAVE to have, although strong eyebrows are nice. I don't really care if he is super smart or super dumb, exactly, although if we are not mentally compatible it's usually not an issue because he wouldn't be into be if we weren't, probably. I don't like ALL guys that are into me, that's for sure, but it IS the determining qualification for whether or not I'd like to spend time with that person again.

The girls in the movie were pretty much all selfish or clueless. This was a problem for me. There were so many times when I was just like "oh, girl!! stop!!!!" or just "come on!! just f-ing do it!" or whatever, and it made me realize that all these girls are awful role models. They all end up happy in the end despite being assholes the whole movie. Maybe that's what the world wants, because it makes them entitled and allowed to be clueless and selfish and asshole-like, but really? Is this okay?

I can understand if you get frustrated because it's hard to meet people, but I really have absolutely no sympathy. Figure out the new technology (myspace, texting, etc), or just go out to a hot bar and mingle. Or get friends to hook you up. The ways to meet people are endless.
And if that doesn't work, if you don't meet ANYONE who is into you, then maybe you just have to look at yourself and realize maybe it's time for a change.
It's probably not even that HE's not into you, it's probably also that YOU are not into you.
Because if YOU are not into yourself, NO ONE else will be either.
(the other extreme also hold true, though, if you are TOO into yourself, no one else has room even to be into you.)

I really hope sometime in the future there can be a movie called "She's just not that into you" because that is really the piece of advice that I need the friends of people who think they are prospectives to give to their friends.

Obviously, since I was raised in the South, as a southern lady, even, I do not call boys, ever, after a first meeting or date. I may text or facebook, but probably not. It is definitely your call. BUT, if I do not answer, or find a time to see you, or make a future date, really, it is clear, that you need not call again, even if I gave you my number or friended you on a site. really.

OK, well, this was my relationship advice for the evening. Not as cute as carrie bradshaw, but it probably would be if I had her shoe collection. Thank you for your time.

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