Sunday, March 29, 2009

Push Me, and Then Just Touch Me

I was looking to get pumped up this sunday night. I failed to go out last night, so when the opportunity to celebrate my saturday on sunday presented itself, i was stoked, but i was still in the sunday malaise.
because no stores in germany are open on sunday, one must really take the day to relax, walk around, and stay indoors, and be generally lazy.
SO, i decided to drink a deer, chug some coffee, and find a song that would really get me going. this is what i do when I don't have red bull at easy access.
anwyay, to cut the long story short, you MUST go listen to:

who made who - satisfaction (benny benassi remix)

as much as i loved the droning of the real one, this cover infusses the song with that hard rocking guitar that proves the lick isn't best when it's a synth. also love the crazy girl vocals. how weird. i love it.

and ready to go out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

All the Girls Waiting in the Line for the Bathroom

melody, trance, voices, haunting, ambient, female, beat, bass, dreams, sound effects, rock, sap, pop... turn it up!

Crystal Castles - Untrust Us
Crystal Castles - Vanished
Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (Fuck Buttons remix)
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Lissvik)
Fever Ray - Now's the Only Time I Know
Royksopp (ft. KarinDreijer/Fever Ray) - This Must Be It
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat remix) !
Honey is Cool - Something about the Mountains (more indie than electro, i know)
Lily Allen - Not Fair (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix) poppy, i know, but listen to the words.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sealings
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dragon Queen
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric
Metric - Help, I'm Alive (Immuzikation B-ting like a Hammer remix)
Metric - Gold Guns Girls

That's enough estrogen for right now. hope you enjoyed the bitchfest!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More More More

ok, after spending too much time looking for music on the internet, i've found a couple other songs i'd like to mention right now:

Burning Codes - Cloak & Dagger, [on the self-titled album, i believe]

Tenaka - Someday [EPonymoustly Titled]

Tenaka - Ain't Nobody [EPonymousy Titled]

Kill Krinkle Club - Lake [From the Bloody Murder of Krinkle]

Kill Krinkle Club - White Trees [From the Bloody Murder of Krinkle]

everything mentioned above is pretty much chill electronic-influenced music. enjoy.
NOT gonna pump you up, but might help you go peacefully to sleep...
the bands are mostly foreign, I believe Burning Codes is from Great Britain, Tenaka is from Ireland, and KKC is a Swedish/Irish duo.

This nordic influence happened on accident. Hopefully next time I can post about German music.

Yeah, You.

You, You're Awesome.

This Cincinnati duo has it going on, and i think they probably decided on the name after people kept trying to get their attention and then compliment them after a great set.

Anyway, their name is on:

Radiohead - Reckoner (You, You're Awesome Remix)

Two Muffins - You, You're Awesome.

Both tracks were great. Radiohead is always great, but remixes are not, so it was a win. The 'original' track, which is on a self released debut called "You're a Fun Drunk", is just, one of the best things that's made me smile out loud in a while.

It's rare a song deserves it's own post. but here it is!