Sunday, March 29, 2009

Push Me, and Then Just Touch Me

I was looking to get pumped up this sunday night. I failed to go out last night, so when the opportunity to celebrate my saturday on sunday presented itself, i was stoked, but i was still in the sunday malaise.
because no stores in germany are open on sunday, one must really take the day to relax, walk around, and stay indoors, and be generally lazy.
SO, i decided to drink a deer, chug some coffee, and find a song that would really get me going. this is what i do when I don't have red bull at easy access.
anwyay, to cut the long story short, you MUST go listen to:

who made who - satisfaction (benny benassi remix)

as much as i loved the droning of the real one, this cover infusses the song with that hard rocking guitar that proves the lick isn't best when it's a synth. also love the crazy girl vocals. how weird. i love it.

and ready to go out.

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