Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More More More

ok, after spending too much time looking for music on the internet, i've found a couple other songs i'd like to mention right now:

Burning Codes - Cloak & Dagger, [on the self-titled album, i believe]

Tenaka - Someday [EPonymoustly Titled]

Tenaka - Ain't Nobody [EPonymousy Titled]

Kill Krinkle Club - Lake [From the Bloody Murder of Krinkle]

Kill Krinkle Club - White Trees [From the Bloody Murder of Krinkle]

everything mentioned above is pretty much chill electronic-influenced music. enjoy.
NOT gonna pump you up, but might help you go peacefully to sleep...
the bands are mostly foreign, I believe Burning Codes is from Great Britain, Tenaka is from Ireland, and KKC is a Swedish/Irish duo.

This nordic influence happened on accident. Hopefully next time I can post about German music.

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