Monday, January 26, 2009

Religion and Cars

Has the weekly communion been replaced by the daily commute?

Organized religion in my community (and possibly other places in america) seems to be somewhat absent. So how are people filling the needs that once were filled by religion? Also, why aren't more people upset or angry by their daily commutes, enough to change them? The answer may be that people have begun to use their daily commutes as the time to think, meditate, and be in their own heads. Time that some people may have called prayer in the past. Being alone in a car is actually a pretty peaceful thing. The driver is in charge of everything in a 1m radius. The air conditioning, the radio, the speed he is going, etc. No wonder no one wants to carpool. Not only would he lose the peace and quiet, he would also lose the aspect of control for that 45 mins (or whatever it happens to be). No one needs to go sit in a pew to pray, or to hear music - they can sit in their cars, zone out, choose some tunes, and be one - not with god, but with themselves.

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